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Life is an amazing journey – one that we all take step by step. As such, few things in life are as frustrating as pain that radiates from the feet, making the steps we take difficult. Fortunately, there’s help available for those who suffer with heel pain, aching bunions, or even sports-related injuries that affect the foot and ankle. Here at Kansas City Foot and Ankle, we’re a team of podiatrists, foot and ankle specialists, and surgeons who are dedicated to improving the function and appearance of your feet. We can get you back on your feet, quickly and comfortably!

Top Kansas City Podiatrists

Dr. Mark Green,  Dr. Stephanie JamesonDr. Daniel Miller, and Dr. Dusty Christensen are four of the most trusted foot and ankle specialists in Kansas City.  We invite you to read about the doctors and our areas of specialization, including treatment for heel painbunionsfoot problems in children and adolescentstoenail fungusfoot care for those with diabetes, and cryoanalgesia for long-term heel pain relief.