Women, do you have a fear of toenail fungus?

Women, do you have an overwhelming fear of acquiring toenail fungus? Crumbling and discolored nails are never in fashion. It’s common these days to go have a pedicure at our local nail salon.  Does this faux pas make you think twice before going for a quick pedi?  To protect yourself from acquiring fungus, take a look and make sure they are adequately sanitizing their instruments.  Make sure they are properly cleaning the pedicure chair basins between each customer.  If you feel uneasy, walk away.  You are the only one advocating for your toes.

Nail salons aside, millions of Americans find their toenails becoming thick and yellow every year. In addition, men are far more likely to contract a fungal infection. If you have fungal toes nails it’s quite possible you have unknowingly infected yourself. A survey by Fungicure found that out of 830 Americans, almost half admitted to sharing nail care tools with spouses, children, roommates, and even pets! In addition, 32% of people claimed they did not clean their tools. To clean your metal nail tools at home, soak in warm water with a few drops of dish soap for approximately 15 minutes. Once dry, use a Q-tip and apply rubbing alcohol. Nail files are difficult to disinfect as they are derived from paper products. It is best to not share these tools and replace them as needed.
If your toe nails do become infected, it can be a nightmare to treat. Over the counter treatments can take many weeks before showing results.  Dr. Mark Green, DPM, is well equipped to combat your nail fungus at Kansas City Foot and Ankle in south Kansas City. His state of the art Q-Clear laser banishes fungus within ten minutes. It’s apainless and quick in-office visit that could potentially save you years of embarrassing toenails.
To keep nail fungus at bay after treatment it is important to destroy the source. A fungal reservoir may be lurking inside your shoe. According to a recent study in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, leather shoes harbor the same amount of fungus as canvas shoes. This study also went on to say that using a store bought ultraviolet C sanitizing apparatus significantly reduced the fungus in shoes. The LW18 UV-C Sanitizer Wand is also very useful for cleaning personal items including nail care tools. It can be purchased online. Check it out at https://www.verilux.com/uv-products/uvc-sanitizing-wand.
Don’t waste time and money battling toenail fungus when Dr. Green can knock it out in one fell swoop. If you are walking around with stubborn fungus, call today to learn more about our fungal banishing laser at 816-943-1111.  Remember, when it comes to toenail clippers, it’s good to be selfish!