Why you should call Kansas City Foot and Ankle if you slip walking in winter weather.

Kansas City Foot and Ankle is the place to call if you hurt your foot or ankle walking on slick walkways.

The weather outside is turning cold with freezing rain and snow expected in the Kansas City area in the next few days. Freezing rain can only mean one thing…slick roads, sidewalks and porches. Freezing rain can sneak up on you and when you step outside, you may not even notice a light, glaze of ice covering porches and walkways. The next thing you know, you slipped and injured your ankle.

dreamstime_s_17830975 - Copy Now what? First, elevate your leg and apply ice. Then, get it evaluated by a doctor. Some people think visiting their local urgent care is the answer. It’s not. Would you believe you can call Kansas City Foot and Ankle and get the same care you would get at an urgent care and in some cases it can be cheaper?

Why? Kansas City Foot and Ankle has the ability to diagnose and treat your injury in the same appointment. Kansas City Foot and Ankle has the diagnostic tools like x-rays, in our office, to see if your turned ankle is a more serious fracture. The best thing you can do is see a podiatrist, a specialist in the foot and ankle, like Dr. Mark Green or Dr. Stephanie Jameson.

Kansas City Foot and Ankle treats foot and ankle fractures all the time. We take most major insurance plans, so the visit could cost you the same as a regular office visit to your primary doctor. Some co-pays at the urgent care can be double.  Meeting with Dr. Green or Dr. Jameson when you first injure your foot or ankle means that there is no additional appointment to see a specialist…you are already at the specialist!

Kansas City Foot and Ankle has many same day or next day appointments to accommodate for urgent injuries. If you turn your ankle on the ice, the best thing you can do is elevate your ankle, apply ice and give Kansas City Foot and Ankle a call so we can get you right in!

Be careful out there and stay inside when the weather gets dangerous. If you have to go out, walk cautiously and remember that Kansas City Foot and Ankle is here if the ice and snow get the best of you.