Options for Your Healthcare

More is always better, right? health

Well, it depends.  If you’re talking about choosing a product to purchase, having more options may not be in your best interest.  In a 2000 study by Iyengar and Lepper of Columbia and Stanford Universities respectively, they found that consumers were more likely to buy jam when given the option of choosing from six flavors, versus given the option to choose from 24 different varieties.  They concluded that the more choices consumers have, the less likely they are to buy anything.  And the less satisfied they are with their choice when they do make one.

The question is, does this translate to healthcare?

Not really.  There are many options for treating almost everything in healthcare.  Healthcare professionals are constantly trying to improve techniques. New studies are taking place all the time.  More information is available to tell us what is working and what is not.  Technology is always improving.  All of this means that more treatment options are available in our effort to eliminate your pain and improve function.  Not to mention, eliminate diseases.  Whereas a plethora of options of jam may not be ideal, several options for your healthcare are extremely necessary.


Treatment Options

Not all treatment options are equally effective.  Likewise, not all patients respond the same to every treatment.  Some patients are okay with injections and taking medications.  On the other hand, some can’t because of interactions with the medications they are already taking.  Some people don’t even want to be in the same room as a syringe.  But some people are ok with minor procedures or even surgery.  Others want to avoid any type of invasive procedure, however minor it may be.  Some patients will only consider treatments covered by insurance.  And some people just want to get better regardless of the cost.  Can you take time off work, or is that not an option?  Can you be non-weight bearing and use crutches as part of your care?  Or do you need to be able to walk through your treatment?  What is your level of activity?

  • Heel Pain Center of Kansas City

Our physicians at our Heel Pain Center of Kansas City specialize in heel and arch pain.  This pain is very common, and often debilitating.  There are quite a few standard, conservative treatments available to start.  These include stretching exercises, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, and shoe inserts.  Fortunately, many more options are available today to keep patients with heel and arch pain out of the operating room.  In fact, it’s pretty rare that we need to do surgery for many conditions.

  • Advanced Treatments

Today, we utilize advanced treatment options including Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), musculoskeletal laser treatments, stem cell injections, protein-rich plasma injections (PRP), Tenex and Topaz procedures.  We also have the latest technology in custom orthotics.  Some of these treatments are completely non-invasive, some are injections and some are minor procedures performed in the office setting.  You may need to check with your insurance to see which options they cover.  But the great thing about all of these options is that they are all proven and effective.

Unfortunately, if these more conservative measures are employed and do not help, surgery may be the only option.  However, if surgery is necessary, several of the most experienced and qualified foot and ankle surgeons in the country are right here at Kansas City Foot and Ankle.

Kansas City Foot and Ankle

Our physicians believe that it’s our responsibility to offer ALL of the options for treating foot and ankle conditions.  Every single person is unique.  We all have our own individual set of circumstances that need to be considered.  Therefore, the more treatment options for your healthcare that are available, the more likely to find the right one that fits your individual needs.  So if you’re looking for the right flavor of jam, do yourself a favor and limit your options.  But when it comes to your health, the more options that are available, the better!  And we have them here at Kansas City Foot and Ankle!