What you and Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs may have in common.

Believe it or not, you may have something in common with our star running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, Jamaal Charles!

No, you didn’t run for 108 yards and catch 5 passes Sunday against the Tennessee Titans or help beat the Titans 26-17 on Sunday, but here is what you might have in common. You might be suffering from painful blisters. 

Jamaal Charles helped the Chiefs achieve victory on Sunday bringing our team to 5-0 this season, while suffering from painful toe blisters!

“People see him and say, “Why didn’t he make that cut, why didn’t he break that?’” said receiver Dwayne Bowe. “But when you’ve got blisters man, that’s like running with two broken feet.”

If you haven’t suffered from a blister, you would be in the minority.  Blisters are caused from friction between your feet and your shoes.

Things you can do to avoid friction to your feet are: blistersgirl

  • Make sure you have your foot measured to be sure you are wearing the correct size shoe.
  • You need to wear your shoes around to get used to them BEFORE you wear them for the activity.  If you purchased new tennis shoes, wear them around the house BEFORE you get on the court for a big match.
  • Invest in socks that draw moisture AWAY from your feet.  Moisture is what can cause your feet to develop blisters so you need to keep your feet dry.  Wear socks that absorb moisture and then wicks the moisture to the outer layers allowing it to evaporate away.  If you feel your feet getting moist, change your socks more regularly.  It is the moisture that will cause a blister.
  • Before putting on your shoes, use powder on your feet to help keep them dry.
  • Apply petroleum jelly to the area where you are prone to getting blisters.  The petroleum jelly will decrease friction that causes blisters.

If you continue to suffer from blisters, the best thing to do is have your feet evaluated by a podiatrist.  A podiatrist can determine if you have a bigger issue causing you to have so many blisters.  Podiatrists can help with issues like excessively sweating feet, feet that swell and also evaluate bad blisters that may be infected.

If Jamaal Charles is looking for a great Kansas City podiatrist or if anyone else has painful blisters, the doctors at Kansas City Foot and Ankle are here to help.  In the meantime, our office will do what all people in Kansas City are doing and cheer the Chiefs on to our next victory!