Usha Mridha – Medical Assistant

Usha Mridha, Medical Assistant

Usha has been with KCFA since May of 2018.  Previous to working for a Podiatry practice, Usha assisted with a primary care physician, therefore she is well versed in patient care.  She was born in Kolkata, India and Usha has been in Kansas City for about 10 years.   Usha’s favorite thing about her career is working with her co-workers and developing relationships with the patients that she helps. She enjoys spending time with her family and she loves to read (when time permits!).

Favorite Book A Grain of Sand, Resurrection, and Crime and Punishment
Favorite Movie 12 Angry Men, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, An Affair to Remember, Godfather and Scarface
Favorite Food Her mothers homemade dishes
Favorite KC Hot Spot Pinsters