The time is now for a more permanent heel pain solution.

ryan braun
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October Baseball, two words that haven’t meant much to Kansas City Royals fans for 29 years. But this year seems to be “Our Time” and Kansas City is showing the nation what truly great fans look like. However, some teams and players aren’t so lucky. Milwaukee Brewers player Ryan Braun has been battling a nerve injury in his thumb that has been affecting his swing at bat for the past two seasons. After the Brewers ended their 2014 season, he elected to have a cryotherapy or cryoanalgesia procedure performed on his thumb to relieve his pain.

Kansas City Foot and Ankle uses cryotherapy for the treatment of conditions such as heel pain, neuromas and plantar fibromas. Cryoanalgesia (“cryo” meaning freezing and “analgesia” for pain relief) is a minor procedure where low temperatures are applied to the nerve that is causing the pain. This creates a sort of nerve block to eliminate the pain in your foot. Cryotherapy is a minimally invasive technique that Dr. Green and Dr. Jameson perform right here in our office. It provides long-term relief and is much more effective than cortisone injections. Many patients find that cryoanalgesia improves their pain level in as little as a few days and most are pain free within a month or so. There is no need for stitches, and patients are able to wear regular shoes right out of the office after their procedure.

Suffering from heel pain and looking for a more permanent solution without a trip to the operating room? Call Kansas City Foot and Ankle to schedule an appointment to see if cryoanalgesia is the right treatment for you. And don’t forget, GO ROYALS!