The seven year journey on foot

For some of us, finding the time for a brisk walk for exercise can be difficult.  Even 30 minutes a day can be hard to carve out in our busy lives.  Now imagine if you decided to go on a walk for seven years.  That’s not a typo – it’s seven years, not seven minutes or even seven miles, but seven long years.
US journalist Paul Salopek is going to spend the next seven years walking from Ethiopia to the tip of South America, retracing the journey of early humans out of Africa and around the world.  .
National Geographic is funding this expedition for Salopek. 
“I shall be retracing the pathways of the first human diaspora out of Africa, which occurred about 50 to 70,000 years ago, as authentically as possible, on foot,” he says.
It will take him almost 14 months just to cross China.  KansasCity Foot and Ankle hopes that Salopek has the right equipment to keep his feet in tip-top shape during this expedition. 
Early humans didn’t have the same type of foot wear and technology that we do.  Imagine walking this distance barefoot or with little foot covering.  Luckily, we have modern technology that can help keep our feet in better shape than our early ancestors did.
If you are going for a seven year walk or a seven mile walk there are measures to keep your feet safe from injury and pain:
  • Supportive walking shoes.  Make sure you are wearing shoes that are made specifically for what you are doing.  An example would be wearing hiking shoes to go on a hike.  Basketball shoes aren’t designed for hiking.  If you are walking be sure to have a good, supportive pair of shoes that are recommended for walking
  • Custom-molded orthotics – keeping your feet in a stable position can help prevent injuries or flare ups from Plantar Fasciitis.  Over-the-counter orthotics are not designed specifically for your feet, but have more of a one-size-fits-all approach.  Dr. MarkGreen recommends Sole Support Orthotics.  Sole Support orthotics are molded to your feet and are custom designed to you’re your feet functioning in their most supportive position.
  • Keep your feet blister free!  A bad blister can sideline anyone.  A good pair of socks with moisture-wicking material can help keep blisters away.

Seeing a podiatrist before you begin an exercise regime can help you prevent foot and ankle injuries. Hopefully Salopek will have access to a foot specialist along his long journey to help prevent any serious harm to his feet.

If you are ready for your seven mile or seven year walk, give Dr. Green a call at 816-943-1111 and schedule your appointment.  Your journey may be shorter than Salopek, but your feet are just as important.