Bone Spurs

“Originally I was having trouble walking and doing activities and work and outside recreation.  So I was having surgery on my shoulder and I had seen another doctor and found out that through an x-ray I had bone spurs, so I decided to see a podiatrist and looked up and found Dr. Mark Green and called him up, set up an appointment and then came in.  The staff was really helpful, took x-rays and saw also that I had a bone spur on the right toe, so they had a recommendation of using orthotics and indicated that I would have to have surgery; that was the only way to take care of the bone spur, but that the orthotics would supply some immediate relief.  So I decided to take a chance and try the orthotics.  I thought about them for years, but never really acted on getting orthotics or being fitted.  So I went ahead and purchased those and tried them and almost immediately had relief from the bone spur pain.  It took it away almost 90%.  Then I kept wearing them thinking well maybe I didn’t need to do the surgery, but occasionally I would have issues with pain when I was walking or doing activities.  So I really thought that to improve my overall health I needed to improve my ability to walk and run, so I decided to go ahead and do the surgery.  Once again, the staff was very helpful and was able to get me in according to my schedule around the holidays.  It has been about three weeks and it has already improved quite a bit.  I am able to still walk.  It is a little tender and sore, but it’s getting better really quickly.  So I have really been impressed with the orthotics.  They did a great job of relieving that pain just by improving the mechanics of my foot and my overall support helped that work and helped relieve the pain.  I would really recommend anyone.  I wish I had done it a lot sooner and I probably wouldn’t have had the bone spur if I had had the proper orthotics years ago when I started having issues.”