Tennis #1 Djokovic suffers ankle injury on the court. you are a tennis fan, you may have heard that Novak Djokovic, currently number one in men’s tennis, suffered a devastating ankle injury last week.  Djokovic fell and twisted his ankle while playing Sam Querry in the opening game of the third set of the Davis Cup.  Amazingly, Djokovic still went on to play and win the match.

It’s amazing that Djokovic went on to play an additional nine games on a sprained ankle.  An MRI revealed a joint structure strain that requires physical therapy and strict rest.

Djokovic is lucky he didn’t end up doing long-term damage to his ankle.  Most of us aren’t professional tennis players; however, a lot of people enjoy hitting the ball on a nice day.

How can you prevent ankle injuries out on the court?

  1.  Wear the right shoes.  All shoes are not created equal when it comes to tennis.  Wearing shoes made for tennis are important.  There is a lot of starting and stopping and side to side movement in tennis so tennis shoes are designed to provide more lateral support.
  2. Stretch appropriately before you play your match.  Making sure your legs and ankles are warmed up can help you prevent injury.
  3. If you do twist your ankle while you are playing your match – don’t do what Djokovic did! Stop immediately, put ice on your injury and seek treatment from a podiatrist.  A podiatrist is a specialist who focuses on the treatment of the foot and ankle.  Bypass the expensive co-pays of the urgent care.  A podiatrist can take x-rays in the office, diagnose and treat your condition in the same appointment. Kansas City Foot and Ankle even has many same day or next day appointments.
  4. If the doctor recommends you stay off your foot and give it time to heal, do your ankle a favor and listen to the doctor!  Taking the time to heal now can prevent long-term damage in the future. Stay on the couch and watch some professional tennis in the meantime.

Prevention is the key to keeping your feet and ankles injury-free.  If you do get an injury, call Kansas City Foot and Ankle (816) 943-1111.  We will have you back on the court in no time.