Spring Breakers Beware! Protect Your Feet

Spring Break is here!  Freedom!  Like many, your week of freedom includes travel to a warm and sunny destination.  So pack up the flip flops and sunscreen and get outta here!  But wait!  Be sure to pack some socks for the airport security line.  Yes, socks for the airport security line to keep your feet safe from the germs, bacteria and fungus living on the carpet or tile that thousands of sweaty, stinky feet walk on every day.  Many folks going through the security line barefoot may have plantar warts, athlete’s foot or toenail fungus.  All of which are easily spread to your unprotected feet.

Rocky path along beach

Once you reach your destination, if you are staying in a hotel you’ll want to keep those socks handy.  Again, walking where thousands of others have, puts you at risk for contact with athlete’s foot, plantar warts and toenail fungus.  Staph and MRSA are also on the list of infections you can fall prey to should they find their way in through a small opening such as a small cut in your skin, ingrown toenail or blister.

If your destination includes fun in the sun on a warm sandy beach, be sure to wear water shoes to protect your feet from broken glass, sharp broken shells, twigs etc…  Playing in the water? Be sure to keep those water shoes on!  Yes, even in the water, your feet can be injured by buried objects in the sand, as well as by sharp, pointy sea creatures such as sea urchins.

Here’s to a great spring break vacation, safe travels and healthy feet to get you back home!  If you get home and your feet aren’t healthy or you suspect an infection or injury call Kansas City Foot and Ankle at 816-943-1111 and we will get you in quickly with Dr. Mark Green or Dr. Stephanie Jameson.