Sole Supports vs shoe stores

How are Sole Supports different from orthotics made by some specialty shoe stores?

It’s all in the molds.  An  orthotic that is manufactured to keep YOUR feet functioning in the most supportive position for YOUR feet must be made from molds of your feet that were taken with your feet in the position your feet are supposed to function in.  Not the position that they are already functioning in.  When we mold your feet for orthotics, we take molds while you are SITTING, and we manipulate your foot into the position it is supposed to function in.  Some specialty shoe stores will take molds of your feet while you are standing.

That is absolutely incorrect for the fabrication of functional orthotics.  Molds taken while you’re standing will result in impressions of your feet in the unstable position that they’re already functioning in.  So orthotics that are made from these molds can only keep you in their already unstable position because they don’t know the right position for your feet to function in.

Any modification to these inserts, such as adding a wedge or raising the arch is only guesswork.  Other places will have you walk across the floor and maybe take an imprint of your foot while walking, and then hand you a pair of inserts that they are calling custom.  Beware of these high priced over-the-counter arch supports.  They are not custom orthotics.  They may help a little, but they are not ideal.  The analogy of custom orthotics vs over-the-counter arch supports is prescription glasses.  Purchasing over-the-counter readers or magnifying glasses won’t cut it when you really need prescription lenses.   Custom orthotics are the best way to control foot instability, and Sole Support orthotics are the most advanced orthotics available today.