Sole Supports vs over-the-counter arch supports

How are Sole Support orthotics different from over-the-counter arch suports?

Over-the-counter arch supports are not orthotics. They are not made for anyone in particular. While over-the-counter arch supports can provide some relief of painful foot conditions, they are not ideal. They are not custom-made to your foot, so they don’t know the position your foot is supposed to function in. It’s like taking a pair of reading glasses off the shelf at a pharmacy when you really need prescription lenses.

With orthotics, we take molds of your feet with all the bones and joints lined up appropriately, so when they are built by the lab and you wear them, they will maintain the foot position we molded you in. They will maintain your maximum arch, balance the weight bearing forces across your foot, eliminate instability and provide the proper foot function for your individual feet.

To see if you would benefit from custom-molded function Sole Support orthotics, give us a call at 816-943-1111 to set up a consultation with Dr. Green.  Isn’t it time to get back to your activities comfortably?