See Dr. Green’s Q-Clear laser killing stubborn toenail fungus.

 Do you suffer from stubborn toenail fungus?  Have you tried topical medication or even oral medication and still can’t get rid of the fungus?  Are you worried that summer is approaching and you will be embarrassed to show your toenails?  Dr. Mark Green at Kansas City Foot and Ankle has a fast and painless solution that is the most EFFECTIVE treatment option available.
The Q-Clear laser is a 10 minute treatment that will rid your nails of onychomycosis (toenail fungus).  The powerful laser penetrates the layers of the nail where fungus lives and kills the fungus in this quick procedure. The best part is the procedure is PAINLESS.  No more messy topical medication to deal with.  No more dangerous side-effects of the oral medication.  The laser is quick, painless and effective.
Watch our video to see more information on laser treatment for fungal toenails.