Can’t get rid of Athlete’s Foot? The source may be your toenails.

Fungus…even the name sounds horrible.  Dreaded fungus is lurking everywhere.  It is just waiting to attack your innocent feet and toenails.  One trip to the swimming pool and fungus suddenly attacks. Fungus invades your toes and toenails and now you have visible athlete’s foot.  You know athlete’s foot, that itchy condition that you get between your toes.  You buy the over the counter medication, spray your feet, put on the cream and it clears up for a short time and then reappears.  The attack may be sudden, but the battle can last for years.  Why can’t you get your athlete’s foot under control?

The command center of this whole infection may be in your toenails.  The athlete’s foot spray you’ve been using to fight the infection between your toes does nothing to fight the infection that is living under your toenail.  The toenail fungus laughs at the topical spray you’ve been using and just continues to fester.  The evidence is thick, brittle and discolored toenails and a continuous battle with athlete’s foot.  As you continue to fight this war with fungus and your feet, you hide your feet in your shoe which is exactly where fungus loves to hang out and party.  It’s a craz
y cycle and fungus is winning this never ending war.

Do you want to know the secret to win the war?  It’s so easy.  Attack the mother ship where the source of this infection lives.  Treat the toenail fungus and do it with the best weapon available: the Q-Clear Laser.  Kansas City Foot and Ankle offers the Q-Clear laser for the treatment of toenail fungus.  The Q-Clear laser is fast (10 minutes) and effective at treating stubborn toenail fungus.  The best part is it is painless. 

Not only will you kill the fungus that lives in your toenails, but the party is over in your shoes.  Dr. Mark Green will send you home with anti-fungal spray to use in your shoes to stop reinfection from occurring.  The combination of laser treatment plus the anti-fungal spray is the one-two punch to knock fungus out and will have you showing off your great looking feet and toenails in no time.  You will win this war and we will provide you with the best arsenal possible. 

“I could not believe how easy and painless it was.  I had been dealing with gross, fungal nails for years.  The treatment was so fast and I could see a difference right away.  I am so glad I had this done.” Jennifer, patient at Kansas City Foot and Ankle

If you are tired of the battle and ready to win the war, give us a call (816-943-1111) to schedule your appointment today.  Fungus does not have a chance against the Q-Clear laser and Dr. Mark Green.  Come to our south Kansas City location and find out.  You will be glad you did.