Rainy days bring wet shoes! What does that mean for your feet?


Water PuddleSpring may have passed but it seems as though the rain decided to stick around this summer in Kansas City. Rain soaked shoes are not just for the kiddos playing outside in the puddles. Being trapped in a sudden burst of rain while walking to your car or into the grocery store can cause squishy shoes for adults too! So, why is this a problem for your feet? Fungus and bacteria love dark, wet places to grow, such as your shoes. Here are some tips on how to properly dry out your shoes, so that you can prevent annoying fungus from infecting your feet this summer.

1. Newspaper: Removing your insoles and placing balled up newspaper inside your shoes will help to draw out the moisture. You may have to exchange the wet newspaper for dry sheets a few times before your shoes will be completely dry, however.

2. Clothes dryer: Although not recommended by shoe companies (it may damage your shoes) this can dry out your shoes in just a few short hours if placed in your dryer on low heat. There are great accessories for your dryer door to place your shoes in or keeping the laces outside the door and shutting it will hold them still and prevent them from banging around inside and driving you nuts!

3. Heater or fan: Placing your shoes over a vent can also dry out your shoes by providing air circulation. This process works best if you are going to be able to wear a different pair of shoes for a while, because it will take a while for them to dry on their own.

4. Boot/shoe dryer: You can purchase a product like this from your local home goods store such as Home Depot, Walmart or Bed Bath and Beyond. Boot dryers work great because many allow the shoes excess water to drip into a tray instead of on your floor.

5. Sunshine: Simple and FREE! This is probably the easiest remedy listed here, however it may take a few days longer than the other options and may be hard to find if there are a few rainy days in a row.

Now that your shoes are dried out, how do you make sure that nasty, grimy fungus isn’t still lurking around inside? The SteriShoe is a product that emits an ultra-violet light, guaranteed to kill up to 99.9% of the bacteria and fungus that causes athletes foot and nail fungus. Treatments done on your shoes only take 45 minutes and provide a sanitary place for your feet inside your shoes. Call Kansas City Foot and Ankle for more information on how to get the SteriShoe for your home. And if you feel your feet and toenails have been subjected to athlete’s foot or nail fungus, Dr. Green and Dr. Jameson have appointments available to keep your toes looking good this summer!