Preventing ingrown toenails in children.


Is your child complaining that his or her toe hurts?  It could be caused from a common problem seen in children – ingrown toenails.

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Hi I’m Dr. Stephanie Jameson, podiatrist with Kansas City Foot and Ankle.  If you are a parent, you know that kids can complain about their toenails.  A common problem we see here at Kansas City Foot and Ankle is painful, ingrown toenails.

The shape of the nail bed in people can make some people more susceptible to ingrown toenails.  So what can you do to help prevent them in children?  It starts with trimming your child’s toenails properly.  I’ve even heard about is mom or dad trimming their child’s toenails with scissors.  Scissors aren’t meant for toenails!  Invest in a good pair of toenail clippers.  If you a family that shares toenail clippers, be sure to wipe down the toenail clippers with alcohol before each use.

When you cut the toenails, cut them straight across – do not round the edges.  The rounded edges can cause or aggravate an ingrown toenail.

Make sure your child’s shoes aren’t too tight.  Tight shoes can press against the side of the toe jamming the nail into the skin.  Be sure you have your child fitted appropriately in the right shoes for their age.  This is especially true if your child plays sports.  Wear the right shoe for the right activity and make sure they aren’t too tight.

Don’t treat the ingrown toenail at home.  The best thing you can do is schedule your child an appointment with a podiatrist who is an expert at ingrown toenails.  They can become infected and turn into a more serious problem if they aren’t treated appropriately.  Doing “bathroom surgery” can make matters worse.

I see children all the time and taking your child to a kid-friendly podiatrist can make a world of difference.  If your child is complaining of a painful toe and you notice their toenail is causing them trouble, make an appointment with Kansas City Foot and Ankle today!