Is it Possible to Prevent Bunions?

If your parents or grandparents have bunions, you’ve probably been warned that they are hereditary and you, too, will be cursed.  Here’s a secret… Technically, you don’t inherit bunions (since you probably were not born with them), but you DO inherit the instability that leads to bunions as you get older!

Instability of the foot is the overall cause of bunions.   As the muscles in the feet work overtime to compensate for the instability, they become out of balance and, over time, move the bones out of place, forming a bunion at the big toe joint.

So how can you prevent bunions?   By eliminating the instability in your feet, you can prevent the development and progression of bunions.  The best way to address this abnormal foot function is with custom-molded orthotics.  Orthotics are shoe inserts that are custom-made to maintain the most supportive position for your feet.

If you have a bunion forming that isn’t painful yet, you can prevent any further damage and disfigurement with custom orthotics.  In other words, let’s keep you out of the operating room by preventing progression of the bunion.

bunionsurgeryIf you currently have a bunion that is painful and affecting your lifestyle, there’s no need to live with the pain.  The surgeons at Kansas City Foot and Ankle are experts at correcting bunion deformities with an outpatient surgical procedure.  After surgery, we recommend continuing to wear your orthotics in order to maintain proper stability and support and to address the muscle imbalance that led to the development of the bunion to begin with.

Don’t trust the health of your feet to mass-produced over-the-counter arch supports.  Kansas City Foot and Ankle is proud to offer our patients Sole Support custom orthotics.  Sole Support custom orthotics provide the perfect custom support for your feet using state-of-the-art technology in both the molding technique and the devices themselves.

You don’t have to suffer the ugly and often painful fate of your parent and grandparents!  Call Kansas City Foot and Ankle today at 816-943-1111 and get fitted for your own custom orthotics!