Meet Our Staff

At Kansas City Foot and Ankle, you are not just meeting with Dr. Mark Green, Dr. Stephanie Jameson, Dr. Daniel Hanon, Dr. Corey Bess and Dr. Ethan Knowlton, but an entire staff of trained professionals in podiatry and customer service.

Excellent customer service is our top priority

From the moment you call Kansas City Foot and Ankle to make your appointment, our staff is trained to offer the highest level of customer service to provide you with the best patient experience in Kansas City.  We understand your time is valuable and we strive to keep an on-time appointment schedule.

Customer service is an integral part of Kansas City Foot and Ankle. We offer our patients a post-appointment survey that provides us with valuable feedback. We take the time to review each survey and implement appropriate changes based on our patients’ responses.

Kansas City Foot and Ankle’s Doctors and Staff

Administrative Staff


Ethan Gawith – Practice Administrator

Brenda Yungeberg – Compliance Officer

brenda pro pic

Pamela Shoemaker – Director of Marketing

Michele Graham – Office Coordinator (South)

michele pro pic

Andrea Taylor – Office Coordinator (East)

Kansas City Foot and Ankle andrea

Susie Tunnell – Surgery Coordinator

Destiny Bishop – Patient Concierge

Jenessa Mesh – Patient Concierge

Adriana Norris- Patient Concierge

Medical Assistants

Bobbi Hamilton – Medical Assistant

Usha Mridha – Medical Assistant


Lisa Quagliana – Medical Assistant

Sara Doll – Medical Assistant

Krista Saffold – Medical Assistant

krista pro pic

Martine Buckingham – Medical Assistant







The old saying “there is no I in team” applies to the staff at Kansas City Foot and Ankle. Our staff is here to assist you in your foot care needs.