Maria and Derek, A Delicate Tango

If you are like many, you love watching the show “Dancing with the Stars”.  Each week the celebrities and athletes are transformed into glamorous ballroom dancers.  The women are dripping in sequins and are dancing in the highest of heels.  If you haven’t seen this week’s latest “Dance with the Stars”, you may not know who the latest star was to be eliminated (spoiler alert).  A shock for many this week, Sherri Shepherd was sent packing in the elimination round.

People say this season’s competition is filled with the most competitive stars of any season and the injuries are mounting to show for it.  Melissa Gilbert recently suffered a concussion and whiplash after hitting her head on the dance floor.  She is expected to recover and return.  Another star who has been plagued with injuries is Maria Menounos.  First, she was struggling with a rib injury and her latest misstep has been a stress fracture that has her dancing her tango extra gingerly.   Click Here to read how Maria is handling her injury.

“We see patients suffering from stress fractures who play a lot of sports.  Usually it is a repetitive sport like jogging or even fast walking that can cause a stress fracture in the foot.  However, all types of sports can up the risk for a stress fracture.” said Mark Green, DPM  “Common symptoms of a stress fracture are pain, swelling and redness to the foot.”

Anyone is susceptible to stress fractures and other types of foot and ankle injuries.  This video, found at the Kansas City Foot and Ankle website, is helpful to understand the different types of foot and ankle injuries and how to immediately treat them immediately before being seen by Dr. Green for an appointment.  Also, there is a section in the video explaining how to prevent injuries from even occurring.

If an injury does sideline you, the first step is to decide if the injury needs emergency medical attention.  If not, call our office at 816-943-1111 to schedule an appointment.  We, at Kansas City Foot and Ankle, are your neighborhood podiatry office  with a variety of appointment times to fit your busy schedule.  We work with most insurance plans and our friendly office staff is here to help you.  Your doctor, Dr. Green, will have you back out on the dance floor and dancing the tango in no time!

What do you think?  Can you Tango like Maria and Derek?