Major league pitcher almost sidelined because of heel pain

Photo courtesy of
Clayton Kershaw

Major league pitcher, Clayton Kershaw is experiencing a painful heel condition called plantar fasciitis while pitching for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  According to an article in Sports Illustrated, the pain is not so bad when Kershaw is running or even pitching. But pushing off with his left foot when a batter bunts the ball can be a very painful experience.

Los Angeles Dodger’s Manager Don Mattingly said, “It’s a little plantar fasciitis.  He took a funny step and just felt it.”

You don’t have to be a major league pitcher to experience the same painful heel condition as Clayton Kershaw.  Plantar Fasciitis is a condition that is commonly seen at Kansas City Foot and Ankle.  Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the ligament that runs along the bottom of the foot.  The ligament becomes irritated and painful leading to pain in the heel.  The pain and irritation is the result of general instability in your foot causing the ligament to become inflamed.  The condition may be aggravated by repeated exercise like running or jogging causing the inflammation.   You don’t have to be a major league athlete to experience the same type of major league pain in your heel.

The great news is there are very effective treatment options for plantar fasciitis.  An appointment with Dr. Mark Green at our south Kansas City location will be the first step in helping identify if the condition causing your pain is plantar fasciitis.  Our staff at Kansas City Foot and Ankle will take X-rays at your appointment and Dr. Green will evaluate, diagnose and treat your condition during your initial appointment.

Relieving the inflammation of the ligament is the key to reducing your pain. One treatment option that Dr. Mark Green finds effective for most patients is Cryoanalgesia.  “Cryo” means freezing and “analgesia” means pain relief.  Under local anesthesia, a small probe is used to freeze the plantar fascia in the area where you’re having pain.  The very cold temperature knocks out tiny, deep nerve endings that are associated with the ligament. You will feel immediate pain relief and be able to walk out of the office and resume your normal activity; whether that’s pitching a major league baseball game or going for a leisurely walk.

Custom-molded Orthotics

Addressing the cause of the inflammation, your foot instability, is critical. The correction for your overall foot instability is addressed with custom-molded orthotics.  Custom orthotics can be molded right in our office with your foot in the most stable position.   Orthotics are designed to realign your foot into its most stable position to alleviate pain in your feet, legs and back, as well as to restore balance, improve sports performance, and relieve foot fatigue.   The orthotics can be slipped into almost any shoe and worn with ease.  Realigning your foot into a stable position will reduce the possibility of your ligament becoming inflamed again.

If you are a weekend athlete or just a person out for a summer stroll, don’t be sidelined by heel pain any longer.  Give Kansas City Foot and Ankle a call and stop your pain today.  We have convenient office hours to accommodate your busy schedule and are conveniently located in south Kansas City.