KC podiatrist says bunion treatment doesn’t always mean surgery.

Here’s the secret to staying out of the operating room if you have a bunion.

If you have a bunion you are not alone. The stats are alarming. More than 50% of all US women have bunions. What do many of these women have in common? They often don’t seek treatment early enough for fear of ending up in the operating room.

The staff at Kansas City Foot and Ankle hears this all the time from people suffering with bunions. “I don’t want to come in for my bunion, because you will tell me I need surgery,” said a recent participant at the Just for Her Expo in Overland Park, KS.

After treating thousands of bunions over 20 years, Dr. Mark Green, Kansas City bunion specialist, is sure of the following things:

1. Bunions are very common.

2. The cause of bunions is not from tight shoes, but from the mechanics of your foot.

3. You may suffer needlessly from not having your bunion looked at by a podiatrist.

4. Treatment does NOT always mean surgery.

That’s right – bunion treatment doesn’t always mean surgery. It’s up to you to keep yourself out of the operating room.

So what’s the secret?

 Time! The earlier you intervene with when you have a bunion, the more likely you are to stay out of the operating room.  At the first signs of a bunion, you need to make an appointment with Kansas City Foot and Ankle. Dr. Mark Green and Dr. Stephanie Jameson will explain to you that prevention is key in stopping the development and pain of your bunion.

Custom-molded orthotics will maintain the proper position that YOUR feet are supposed to function in, eliminating instability that leads to the progression of your bunion. These are not the one-size-fits-all arch supports that you purchase at your local drugstore. Sole Support orthotics are custom-molded orthotics made the way your foot is supposed to function. Having your foot in a correct position prevents the progression of bunions.

 “The most crucial thing is getting the foot to the correct and most stable position. Custom-molded orthotics are crucial in stopping the development and progression of painful bunions.” explains Dr. Mark Green, podiatrist serving south Kansas City.

So the answer is clear – it is up to you to stay out of the operating room by having your bunion looked at today. Call our office 816-943-1111 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Mark Green or Dr. Stephanie Jameson, your Kansas City experts at bunion care. You can’t afford to wait.