Kansas City Foot and Ankle, established in 1993 is proud to announce, The Heel Pain Center of Kansas City as a new specialized extension of Kansas City Foot and Ankle.


Kansas City, MO (September 14th 2016) Kansas City Foot and Ankle CEO and Founder Dr. Mark Green, DPM, is proud to announce the formation of The Heel Pain Center of Kansas City as a specialized extension of Kansas City Foot and Ankle.

Kansas City Foot and Ankle has been part of the Kansas City medical community for over 20 years.  Our success is grounded in our commitment to providing excellent patient care and 5-star customer service.

The Heel Pain Center of Kansas City is designed to be a world class heel pain center that offers the most advanced treatment technology to effectively treat the many causes and types of heel pain.

With our specialized training and advanced diagnostic technologies including in-office digital x-rays and diagnostic ultrasound, our doctors can quickly diagnose the cause of a patient’s heel pain and offer the latest proven treatments to customize a plan of care that fits each patient’s individual lifestyle.

“We have many advanced treatment modalities at our fingertips which provide our patients with more options,” Dr. Green said.  “The Heel Pain Center of Kansas City utilizes advanced in-office treatment technologies such as musculoskeletal laser, injectable growth factors, and the latest technology in custom orthotics.  While heel pain can be debilitating, it is easily treatable and most patients improve quickly without the need for a surgical procedure.”

“Our doctors have a strong personal interest in the treatment of heel pain because it is one of the most common causes of foot pain in the community.  We treat patients of all ages including kids with Sever’s Disease and Achilles tendonitis, to adults with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and stress fractures.”

Angie Beerup, Chief Operating Officer explained, “This designation sets our doctors and practice apart by representing the expertly focused approach we take to the diagnosis and treatment of heel pain.”

We have created an informative website to educate our community on the symptoms, causes and treatment options for heel pain.  Please visit www.HeelPainCenterKC.com to learn more.  You can also check out Kansas City Foot and Ankle’s main website at www.KansasCityFootandAnkle.com .