Relief of Ankle Arthritis with Hyalgan

Are you suffering from symptoms of ankle arthritis, such as:

  • Pain and stiffness with or without activity
  • Ankle pain that is causing you to give up activities such as exercise

Ankle bones

Osteoarthritis of the ankle can be the result of not having enough lubrication and cushioning within the joints.  This can cause the bones to rub together causing erosions, inflammation, bone spurs and pain.

When over the counter pain relievers, icing, ankle supports, orthotics and physical therapy are not enough to alleviate the pain associated with osteoarthritis, the doctors at Kansas City Foot and Ankle may recommend Hyalgan injections that could help provide long-lasting relief.

Hyalgan is a safe, drug-free injection that is comprised of a naturally occurring substance in the body called Hyaluronic acid.   Hyaluronic acid is normally present at high levels within the joints of the body, which help keep the joints lubricated.  But with aging, the levels often decrease.  This process can be addressed with a series of three simple injections given at one week intervals.  When injected into a joint, Hyalgan lubricates and cushions the joints to alleviate pain naturally.

Although the use of Hyalgan is currently considered “off-label” in the ankle and foot joints, it is clinically proven to relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis, and has been safely used for 24 years with 38 million injections given.

After the injection you can resume normal activities.  For the first 48 hours avoid excessive strain on the joint such as long periods of standing and or jogging.

Hyalgan treatments can potentially provide up to six months of osteoarthritis pain relief.  Some patients may obtain longer periods of relief.  Additional treatments with Hyalgan can be safely repeated as necessary.

If you have painful arthritis in your ankle, make an appointment for a thorough evaluation and ask our doctors if Hyalgan may be right for you.