Back hurting? The source could be your feet!

For ten years Karen had been plagued with chronic back pain. She sought treatment from western medicine that included pain medication and pain management. From eastern medicine, she visited acupuncturists and massage therapists that provided little, if any relief. Most recently, she was seen at a spine specialty clinic and the news was not hopeful: live with the pain as long as she could, but surgery was definitely in her future.

Karen was discouraged about the possibility of surgery and tired of taking pain medication that often left her drowsy and sluggish. By the end of Oct. 2011, she was seeing her Chiropractor, Dr. Terry Oberle, for foot pain Karen started experiencing after hiking without the proper hiking shoes. Dr. Oberle suggested that Karen see Dr. Mark Green, a podiatrist with Kansas City Foot and Ankle.

It was Dr. Green’s office; located on the campus of St. Joseph Medical Center in south Kansas City that Karen says dramatically changed her life for the better. Dr. Green first diagnosed Karen with Morton’s Neuroma, a painful nerve condition in the ball of the foot. Karen’s neuroma was treated with cryoanalgesia, a simple in office treatment which completely alleviated her foot pain. Addressing her foot instability, Dr. Green then fitted Karen with custom orthotic inserts for her shoes. Dr. Green made a simple mold of Karen’s feet during her appointment and within a short time her custom orthotics arrived. Within 3 or 4 days, Karen’s back pain disappeared!

“Seeing Dr. Green provided me with nothing short of a miracle. For years I suffered from terrible back pain. Now it is all gone and I am pain free,” said satisfied patient Karen.

The big test came when she and her husband took a recent trip to Mexico. The area in Mexico where the couple vacationed can only be accessed by boat and their hotel was at the top of a mountain!

“Before the custom orthotics, I could not have stayed in Mexico for more than three days. Now with custom orthotics from Kansas City Foot and Ankle I was pain free as I climbed up and down the mountain daily. My husband and I stayed for a month.” Karen exclaimed.

If you have pain in your back that you can’t seem to find relief for, the source may actually be your feet. Take it from Karen, make an appointment with Kansas City Foot and Ankle today and do not suffer another day. Seeing Dr. Green will have you climbing mountains in no time, just like Karen!