How Many Steps Should You Take Every Day?

Ask most people and they will tell you 10,000. Ask them how they arrived at that number and they aren’t sure it’s just what they read or heard somewhere. The 10,000 steps recommendation is simply that a recommendation. It really has no medical reasoning behind it. In fact it actually originated in the 1960’s in Japan. During the 1964 Tokyo Olympics a Japanese company developed a pedometer and in naming the device chose the 10,000 number. The Japanese pedometer or man-po-kei (man means 10,000, po means steps and kei means meter) was a hit and the number stuck.


Consumer Reports Pedometers

10,000 steps a day (approximately 4 miles) is marketed as the ideal fitness goal. Really just 5000 or 7000 steps can have health benefits especially for individuals leading a more sedentary lifestyle.


For example if an individual is currently walking 2500 steps per day a better goal would be 5000 steps per day. Better yet, a well-rounded goal of steps, overall activity and caloric intake should all be kept in mind when devising health and fitness goals.

Pedometers can help motivate you and track your progress. Consumer Reports and other testing and review sites such as provide information on the top rated pedometers based on performance and accuracy. Check out the top 10 best rated pedometers as of July 2015 at


As you strive to meet your step goals, please remember; it’s your feet that get you to your goal, so take good care of them and pay attention for signs of injury. Make sure you have properly fitting shoes that have good support. And should you find yourself with foot or ankle pain, don’t ignore it! Visit your Kansas City podiatrist at Kansas City Foot and Ankle. To schedule an appointment with one of our foot and ankle doctors call 816-943-1111.