High Heel Hell

Ladies, we’ve all done it.  You know exactly what I am talking about.  We have all bought the beautiful pair of high heels that make us feel like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City.  Maybe they are strappy, or snake skinned, either way they make us feel taller, sexier and more confident.  We hold our heads up higher, put our shoulders back further and stand up a little straighter.  These are the high heels that come out of the closet maybe twice a year.  Why only twice?  That’s the amount of time it takes for us to forget how horribly painful they are when we wear them.

It is highly likely when I wear my every-six-months heels that I will inevitably step on a curb funny or step on a crack in the sidewalk and twist my ankle.  I am not used to walking in these heels in the first place so keeping me balanced is a task in itself.  I never plan on the environmental obstacles on my way to my destination.  Sometimes I am just wobbly and other times I have twisted my ankle or, in total embarrassment, hit the pavement by completely falling over.

So what kind of risks are women taking when they wear these “every-six-months heels”?  “Plenty,” says Dr. Mark Green of Kansas City Foot and Ankle.  “High heeled shoes are inherently unstable.  Falling off your stilettos and twisting your ankle can lead to an ankle sprain, a torn ligament or tendon, or even a fractured foot or ankle bone.  You should always have your foot or ankle evaluated if there is any swelling, bruising or pain.  The theory ‘if it was broken, I wouldn’t be able to walk on it’ isn’t true.  Any painful foot or ankle injury should be evaluated right away so that proper, timely treatment can be initiated if necessary.”

What kind of long term damage are we doing when we wear our 3” heels?  My favorite daytime TV doc, Dr. Oz did a segment on high heels causing joint pain and even a connection to developing arthritis.  Dr. Oz’s segment featured a podiatrist talking about the body’s awkward positioning when wearing high heels and how high heels put our bodies in an unnatural position when we walk.  Check out the segment by clicking here.

If you wake up the next day in High Heel Hell, call for an appointment at Kansas City Foot and AnkleOur office is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment such as digital x-rays and ultrasound.  Dr. Green can diagnose and treat your condition, and have you back on your way to pulling out those heels again in no time.

Aimee P. – Staff, Kansas City Foot and Ankle