Growing Pains

Are your child’s “growing pains” keeping them up at night?

While most people think growing pains are linked to growth spurts, this has never been proven.  Growing pains seem to occur more often in children with lower extremity biomechanical instability, or malalignment.  Growing pains are often seen in children with flat feet, tight calves, and ones that are knock-kneed. They are more common in children who are active, and children that seem to be more sensitive to pain.


growing pains


The pain usually occurs in the evenings, and can even wake your child up in the middle of the night!  The pain is rarely present in the morning or during the day with activity.  The most common ages to develop these symptoms are around ages 3-4 and again at ages 8-12.   They often come and go, and don’t occur every day.


How are growing pains diagnosed?

-Seeing a lower extremity specialist, such as a podiatrist who specializes in foot and ankle pain

-Evaluating the medical history and symptoms

-Ruling out other causes of pain


Treatments may include:

-More supportive shoes

Custom orthotics to realign the foot and ankle

-Physical therapy

-Stretching tight calves


If you think your child has “growing pains”, call Kansas City Foot and Ankle as soon as possible and have them evaluated by one of our foot and ankle specialists.  By identifying the cause of their pain, we can get them comfortable again very quickly.