Giving Back to Our Neighbors and Community

At Kansas City Foot and Ankle and the Heel Pain Center of Kansas City, we believe in being involved with our neighbors in the community.  Our team members are encouraged to connect with non-profit organizations that have meaning in their own lives, and then organize the participation of our entire staff in a volunteer event benefiting that organization and the community in which it serves.

Volunteering for organizations that have personal meaning to our team members not only fosters team building but also creates a more personal connection to other staff members who are contributing to a community that is deeply personal to the team member who organized our participation.

Giving back to our neighbors in the community is part of who we are, it is woven into our culture.  Scroll down to Check out some photos of our past volunteer events around Kansas City.




August 5th 2017

Challenge Air

September 9th 2017

Catholic Charities

October 21st, 2017