Is the bump on my foot a ganglion cyst? Should I be worried?

Dear Doctor,
I have a huge soft bump on the top of my foot. It’s been there for a while. Should I be concerned?
Bumpy in Kansas City

Dear Bumpy,

It is highly likely that your bump may be a ganglion cyst. The word ganglion means knot. These knots are usually harmless and are caused from fluid building up around the tendon or joint. The most common places ganglion cysts develop are on the wrist or top of the foot, however, a ganglion cyst can show up anywhere on your body.Ganglion Cyst

Ganglion cysts used to be called Bible cysts. It was once thought that smashing the cysts with a large book would “pop” the cyst to make it go away. The book that was recommended the most was the family Bible.

Before you go picking up a large book to smash your cyst, try visiting your podiatrist. A podiatrist can evaluate the bump to make sure that it is a ganglion cyst. Often times a podiatrist will drain the cyst and evaluate the fluid.

What are the recommended treatment options for a ganglion cyst?

Pay attention to the cyst for any changes in size. If a ganglion cyst doesn’t grow and isn’t causing any pain, your podiatrist may recommend leaving it alone.

If the ganglion cyst is causing pain by pressing on a nerve, a podiatrist may drain the cyst periodically to remove the fluid pressure. Anti-inflammatories are also recommended to help with the pain. Your podiatrist may also recommend you change the style of your shoes to prevent the cyst from pressing up against certain types of shoes.

If draining the cyst and changing your shoes doesn’t bring relief, the last option is surgery to remove the cyst. Surgery doesn’t provide a 100% guarantee that your cyst won’t reappear, but it can bring you much needed relief from a painful cyst.

Most of the time ganglion cysts are harmless. The first step is to have your bump evaluated by a podiatrist. Call Kansas City Foot and Ankle and request an appointment today. It’s much safer than picking up a book and smashing it!

Dedicated to your health,

Dr. Jameson