Foot Injuries Happen Off The Field – Some Quick Tips To Keep Your Environment Safe!

Foot injuries are not uncommon for athletes during the game, but what about off the field?  Unfortunately, Swiss football/soccer player, Eren Derdiyok, has firsthand knowledge of how quickly one can acquire an injury off the field.

The Bayer Leverkusen player acquired an injury after he knocked his toothbrush glass on the bathroom floor.  The cup smashed into pieces and he missed a piece after cleaning up, which cut his foot open.  Derdiyok had to receive seven stitches, and was told by doctors that he could not play for at least three weeks.  The incident will cause him to miss Leverkusen’s Champions League last game.
So how can you protect your feet from the comfort of your own environment?
Below are a few tips for you athletes and non-athletes, to protect yourself against unwanted foot injuries.
  • Wear shoes that will provide protection for your feet, and that fit your feet.  You can start off by measuring your feet before you buy them.  Also, buy shoes for the appropriate sport or activity you will be using them for.
  • Remove objects from areas you walk through regularly.  For example, instead of leaving shoes in the entry way, put them in a cabinet or cubby so they are out of the way.  Leaving objects out and about can easily cause tripping hazards, and unwanted injury.
  • Don’t walk around barefoot!  It’s easier for your feet to be injured when they have nothing protecting them.  You can step on all kinds of objects, stub your toe, and are more at risk for fungal infections.  It may be tempting to walk shoe and sock free, but why risk it?
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