Finding the Best Athletic Shoes

Need Help Finding the Best Athletic Shoes for You – Podiatrists Gives Us the Answers

RWH shoe picecently Women’s Health Magazine published their Shoe Guide. This guide is one of many resources out there on the hot topic of choosing the right athletic shoes for different sports or fitness activities.

Did you know that not one athletic shoe is appropriate for all sports or fitness activities?  Athletic shoes are designed to improve an athlete’s performance in a particular sport or fitness activity.  For instance, running shoes would not be appropriate for use on a basketball court as they are made for support, stability and propulsion in a forward motion, not gripping the court.  Basketball shoes are made for excellent grip, ankle support and side-to-side movement and would not be appropriate for running a 5k.  There are even athletic shoes specifically made for weightlifting that have a wider base for a larger foundation of support.

Not using the proper athletic shoe for the sport or fitness activity you are participating in could result in injury.   The differences in design, material, function and weight, actually support and protect the areas of the feet that endure the most stress during the particular activity.

We asked the doctors at Kansas City Foot and Ankle what we should consider when choosing an athletic shoe and here’s what we uncovered.

1. It’s important when choosing your athletic shoes that you choose a shoe that is comfortable and supportive.  When trying on your new shoes, simulate the movements you can expect in your sports activities and determine if the shoe supports you and feels comfortable.

2. Regarding size, use the good old pinch test your parents used to check the area from the longest toe to the tip of the shoe.  There should be one fingers width between the toe and the tip of the shoe.

3. If you wear orthotics for support and better performance, be sure the shoes you choose have removable insoles, so they can be replaced with your orthotics.

Selecting the right athletic shoe can improve your performance and give you a leg up on your competition or personal goals.

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