What if I am not satisfied with my custom orthotics?

This is a fair question and one that people ask when they decide to order our custom orthotics. Sole Support Orthotics are molded for your feet in our office and the orthotics are designed only for your feet.  These are not off-the-shelf orthotics that can fit anyone.  These orthotics are designed  to correct your foot’s […]

How do I know if the use of orthotics is right for me?

Orthotics can relieve pain as well as prevent the occurrence or progression of foot deformities.  Many common types of foot pain are caused by instability in your feet such as, heel and arch pain, ankle pain, and pain in the balls of your feet.  If you have nice arches when you’re sitting, but they tend […]

Could I just wear over-the-counter arch supports?

Over the counter arch supports are not orthotics.  They are not made for anyone in particular.  While over the counter arch supports can provide some relief of painful foot conditions, they are not ideal.  They are not custom made to your foot so they do not know the position your foot is supposed to function […]

What are orthotics?

Custom made foot supports that are worn under your heel and the arch of your foot.  These devices are molded to be anatomically matched to your foot, and they do more than just provide support.  Orthotics are designed to realign your foot to a neutral or a natural position to alleviate pain in your feet, […]