I didn’t have flat feet as a child why do I have them now?

Adult acquired flat foot is a deformity where the entire bottom of the foot, including the arch, is touching the ground. There are many causes of this abnormality such as obesity, arthritis, weakening of a tendon, injury or diabetic complications. You may feel pain while doing high impact activities such as running.  The ankle will […]

Why does the top of my foot hurt in shoes?

Many things can cause pain on the top of your foot when wearing shoes including a bone spur on the top of your foot, tendinitis (an inflamed tendon) that is being irritated by the shoe, or just an ill-fitting shoe.  If you’re not having pain when walking without shoes, make sure you’re wearing appropriately fitting […]

Why does one foot hurt more than the other?

Great question.  One we are asked all the time.  Your feet are not perfectly symmetrical in size, shape or function.  We all know that one foot is usually ½ to a full size larger than the other.  But most people don’t realize that your feet aren’t exactly alike in function either.  One may flatten a […]

Why do I have foot pain first thing in the morning?

Foot pain is not normal and should not be ignored. Foot pain in the morning is usually seen in patients who are active on their feet all day long. During the day the foot’s plantar fascia ligament can become stretched out.  The pain felt in your feet when you wake up is the contraction of the […]

Do you have an extra bone in your foot?

There are some people that are born with an extra bone or piece of cartilage in their foot.  This condition is called Navicular accessory.  It is usually located just above the arch on the inside of the foot. If you are born with this condition, it usually doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort.  You can […]