Do bunion pads work?

Just because you have a bunion, doesn’t mean you need bunion surgery.  If you can stay comfortable with bunion pads to cushion the bunion from shoe pressure, and stay away from tight, constricting shoes, you may be able to stay comfortable and avoid surgical correction.  The newest bunion pads are made of a comfortable silicon […]

Is bunion surgery painful?

People will often go a long time without having their bunion treated, because they heard bunion surgery is painful. We are happy to report after thousands of successful bunion surgeries that people say it is far less painful then they originally thought. Keeping swelling to a minimum after surgery is KEY to determining how much […]

If my mom has bunions, will I get bunions?

Are bunions hereditary? If your parents have bunions, it doesn’t automatically mean you will have bunions.  However, you do have a greater chance of developing bunions, because you may have inherited the same foot structure as one or both of your parents.  Foot instability is one of the main causes of bunions. Prevention is the key in […]

How did I develop bunions?

A bunion is not an enlargement of the bone.  It’s the normal bone, but in an abnormal position.  If your foot is not as stable as it should be, there is a muscle imbalance, as the muscles and tendons try to stabilize your foot, but can’t.  Instead, they move the bones and toes into an […]

Do I have different options for bunion surgery?

Yes, no two bunions are alike.  In terms of the size of the bump, the angle of the great toe and the presence of pain associated with a bunion; together we will evaluate your condition and discuss appropriate treatment options for you considering all factors.  We will look at the severity of the bunion, x-ray […]