Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention

3 in 10 Seniors Fall Each Year

If you are like many seniors, getting older means an increased risk for falls and information on fall prevention. Instability and losing your balance can cause injury and sometimes even have fatal results.  To reduce the possibility of falls, seniors and caregivers need to learn more about fall prevention.



Why should I be concerned about falling and information on fall prevention?



There are many reasons you should be concerned about falling.  Here are just a few:

  • Falls and fall related injuries are the leading cause of accidental deaths in older people.
  • Half of seniors who fall, will fall again within a year.
  • Nearly half of the seniors who fall decrease their activity after the fall.
  • 40% of nursing home residents fall each year, sometimes more than once.
  • Most fractures among seniors are caused from falls.
  • In 2007, over 18,000 seniors died as a result from accidental falls and the injuries they sustained as a result of those falls.


It is not something that should be taken lightly, and now there is something that can be done to help prevent falls.  Here are some suggestions you can do to help prevent falls.



For Caregivers



Suggested Exercises To Improve Balance