Eliminate Heel Pain without Cortisone!

Kansas City Foot Specialist Recommends Applying Ice… Internally!
Question:  How many cortisone injections does it take to eliminate heel pain?
Answer: None.  Zero.  Zilch.
Do you dread those first few steps in the morning?  You can’t exercise anymore because of that annoying heel pain?  Have you been putting off seeing a foot doctor because you’ve heard horror stories about cortisone injections?
Here’s the scoop on cortisone:  Cortisone is a strong anti-inflammatory medication.  It has been used for decades in attempts to relieve heel pain caused by inflammation, such as with plantar fasciitis.  It’s still used today by most foot specialists because it works. Sometimes. You see, cortisone is hit and miss. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Even multiple injections in the same person can have drastically different effects.  It’s inconsistent.  And cortisone is temporary. It can last for weeks, but, might only help for a few days or just hours.  Why?  Because its just a bandaid. It doesn’t address the cause of the problem.
So how does Dr. Mark Green at Kansas City Foot and Ankle eliminate heel pain quickly and successfully?
#1.  Knock out the pain.   Cryoanalgesia (cryo means freezing, analgesia means pain relief) is an easy, safe in-office procedure that has shown to be very successful at eliminating heel pain, without multiple cortisone injections or a trip to the operating room.  This painless 6-minute procedure freezes those deep nerve endings that are causing your pain, knocking it out permanently.  You’re in normal shoes and walking right away.  No cast or splint, no stitches, no fuss. You can get back to exercising in just a couple days.
#2.  Fix the CAUSE of the pain.  Always have appropriate arch supports.  Most heel pain is caused by an unstable foot. Having arches that flatten too much with every step causes irritation and inflammation of the ligaments and muscles on the bottom of the feet, leading to this chronically painful condition. Custom-molded functional orthotics provide the ideal support for YOUR foot (compared to over-the -counter arch supports which don’t know the position YOUR foot is supposed to function in).  Since orthotics are made from molds of your feet taken with your feet in their most supportive position, it will maintain that foot position when you wear them. No excessive arch flattening.  No inflammation.  No pain.
Are your feet hurting your lifestyle?  You don’t have to live with heel pain.  Let Kansas City podiatrist, Dr. Mark Green, get you back to your active lifestyle quickly and comfortably.  Call 816-943-1111 for an appointment (often same day).