Do-It-Yourself Foot Massage

When you massage the thousands of nerve endings in your feet, you can feel relaxation throughout your whole body!  Regular foot massage can help keep your feet healthy and flexible.
Follow these easy steps to give your feet a rejuvenating treat:

1. Deep Massage

Grip your your feet in your hands, fingers on the sole of your foot, your thumbs on the top of your foot.  Work the bones by pressing down with the thumb and heels of your hands, and pressing up with your fingers.  Then move one hand up the length of your foot while moving the other hand down.


2. Thumb Press

Hold your foot with your thumbs on the sole of your foot and your fingers on the top.  Slowly press in firm, hard circles over your sole.  Repeat over the top of the foot.  Don’t leave out the ankle and heel, be sure to massage those as well!


3.  Toe Stretches

Hold your heel firmly with one hand.  Use your other hand to gently push your toes forward, and then backward.  Hold this stretch for a few seconds each way, then repeat the stretch.



4.  Toe Tugs

Gently grasp each toe individually with your index finger and your thumb.  Starting with your big toe, gently twist each toe from side to side.  Let your thumb and forefinger slide off the end of your toe.


After this, your feet should feel refreshed and happy!  If, while performing the massage, you experience any pain, discomfort, or notice any abnormal bumps or lesions, please do not hesitate to give us a call right away!  Our Doctors are here to make sure that your feet are in tip-top shape!


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