Do flat feet leave you flat out?

Do flat feet leave you flat out?

Do you have flat feet?  Do your flat feet hurt?  Did you know there are shoes designed for flat feet?  Motion control shoes were developed to stop the foot from pronating. Pronating can be thought of as the foot falling flat or the arch collapsing. It is often thought that the best way to correct this would be to insert an arch support into your shoe. However, it’s not necessarily your arch that is causing the problem. A vast majority of foot problems result from a pronated flat foot.

You’ve all seen the advertisements for over-the-counter arch supports.  Simply step on the automated device and your recommendation for an over-the-counter arch support is provided.  One would think it’s that easy.  Not so, according to Dr. Mark Green, podiatristin south Kansas City.  Over-the-counter arch supports provide extra cushioning and can alleviate some pain. However, they are not getting to the root of your individual problem.   A custom functional orthotic is made to hold your foot in its unique neutral position. Over-the-counter arch supports are not molded with your foot in the most stable and neutral position.  Over-the-counter orthotics are a one-size-fits-all solution.  The one-size-fits-all solution will likely lead you to more problems in the future since we all don’t have the same feet.  Podiatrist Dr. Mark Green will perform a biomechanical evaluation to determine how your foot should function.

A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that stability is an important factor in running shoes even for a neutral foot.   The British Journal of Medicine did note that neutral and pronated foot types experienced higher levels of pain running in motion controlled shoes. This can be attributed to the fact that these shoes are bulky and heavier than the average running shoe.  Interestingly, an earlier study published by the same journal suggests women who pronated over 6 degrees experienced less knee pain while wearing a motion control shoe as it was found to stabilize the quadriceps.  So are these shoes causing or relieving pain?

These studies both lack an understanding for the underlying cause of the participant’s pronation.  If you pronate, motion control shoes may provide relief when walking or even running only if your foot fits that shoe company’s pronatory mold. The only way to truly know is to try them on. When trying on shoes, they should never hurt. Don’t leave thinking “Oh, I’ll break them in”.

If your flat fleet hurt, it’s time to call Dr. Mark Green for a thorough evaluation and to see if custom-molded orthoticsand/or motion controlled shoes are the right solution for you.  You can alleviate pain starting right now, so make an appointment at Kansas City Foot and Ankle.  Don’t just step on an automated over-the-counter arch support evaluation machine.  Come to a place where we get to know you and your feet.  Your feet matter to us so make an appointment today.