Could Foot and Ankle Injuries Sideline Players on Sunday?

Foot and Ankle Injuries Might Sideline Players in Sunday’s Big Game?

With the Big Game this weekend, many fans are dying to see what the outcome of the game will be amid the ongoing investigation of the deflated footballs used during the AFC championship game earlier this month.

The coaches, players and fans are ready for action from the flip of the coin in the beginning of the game and certainly the offensive and defensive plays during the game.  A few highly anticipated commercials have already been leaked on social media as the day draws near. The hot topic may be the investigation of deflated footballs, however ankle and foot injuries cannot be overlooked.  Without a full-functioning foot or ankle, meeting the team’s full potential in the game is impossible.


Foot and ankle injuries in athletes can be the determining factor in whether one individual or a team wins or loses against another.  It is for this reason that many teams have full time sports medicine-trained physicians with them.  These physicians work closely with players to prevent injury and treat them when they occur.

The Seattle Seahawks have seen many ankle injuries this past season with their tight end, Zach Miller, out for the season due to an ankle injury and their center, Max Unger, getting a second-degree sprain during a November game against Kansas City Chiefs.

Ankle sprains are graded from 1 to 3.  Ankle sprains involve ligaments that can be found between two or more bones along the joint.  Grade 1 includes a slight stretching and damage to the fibers of a ligament, while grade 2 includes partial tearing of a ligament.  Type 3 includes complete tear of the ligament with large instability at the area of injury.  Most treatment regimens include resting, protecting the ankle, reducing swelling, restoring range of motion, strength, and flexibility with gradual return to activity.

The New England Patriots also have their fair share of foot and ankle injuries that may have an impact on the game, including Sealver Siliga, a defensive tackle, who missed nine weeks this past year with a foot injury and quarterback Tom Brady with an ankle injury.  Despite these injuries, the two players are likely to play during the Super Bowl game on Sunday.

We will all have to wait to see the results of the game and whether or not foot and ankle injuries have any impact on the outcome.  In addition, we also hope that no future injuries occur to the players on the field.

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