Celebs Ditch High Heels

Ladies, do you know what Victoria Beckham, Amal Clooney and Savannah Guthrie all have in common?  They all have had foot health issues from wearing high heels!  Amal Clooney loves stiletto heels and is paying the price with painful bunions on both feet.   While bunions aren’t a direct result of wearing high heel shoes, the high heels force your foot forward into the tight, narrow toe box you usually find in higher heel shoes, cramming your toes together and putting excessive pressure on your bones and joints.  If you have a bunion, it’ll be that much more painful in high heel shoes.

victoria beckham high heels

Recently Victoria Beckham swore off high heels when working.  During an interview she said that she “just can’t do high heels at work anymore” This comes from the same woman who used to walk at her treadmill desk in five-inch heels.

Just weeks ago, Savannah Guthrie rushed into the Today Show studio in three inch heels and fell, spraining her ankle and landing her in a medical boot for four weeks.

High heels are fun to wear but they are a leading cause of women’s foot health issues.  Bunions, strained Achilles tendons, hammertoes and ankle injuries top the list.  In an effort to reduce your risk of a fashion shoe-related injury, you might opt for a lower heel and reserve high heels for special occasions instead of daily wear.  Save your high heels for days when you do not anticipate a lot of walking.

Otherwise, you should choose good supportive shoes with a low heel that are roomy and comfortable.  If your feet tend to flatten out when standing, or you already have bunions or hammertoes, custom orthotics that fit right into your shoes are a great way to prevent further damage, slow their progression, and provide stability and support to your feet.

If you couldn’t resist wearing those high heels and now you’re paying for it, schedule a visit with your local podiatrist.  The doctors at Kansas City Foot and Ankle can evaluate your condition and get you back to your active lifestyle quickly and comfortably.   Call to schedule an appointment at 816-943-1111.