Summer Feet!

Summer Feet Kansas City Foot and Ankle

Time to get your feet in shape for the upcoming summer! During the winter, one often hides their feet in socks and enclosed shoes, but you can’t let your feet get too cozy!  Often boney areas will slowly cause areas of irritation or calluses, due to constant friction from your shoes and boots.  The warm […]

KC podiatrist cautions against laser treatment for fungal toenails without proper diagnosis.

Toenail Fungus, or Not Toenail Fungus. That is the question. Do you have discolored toenails and you “just know” for sure that it’s fungus?  Maybe you’ve tried applying topical medications, or have even been prescribed pills to get rid of the fungus, but to no avail. The nails are still ugly and thickened. SPOILER ALERT!  […]