Dry Winter Skin

Kansas City winters can be especially dry!  Many of our patients have issues with dry, cracked skin on their feet this time of year.  If left untreated, it can become significantly painful.  And cracked skin can cause a whole host of other issues, including wounds and infections. The dry weather along with indoor heating and […]

Calluses and Corns and Bunions, Oh my!

While we’re all familiar with Dorothy’s worst fears, no one will ever really know what lurked inside of those ruby slippers.  If Dorothy had calluses, corns or bunions, as many people do, her trip down the Yellow Brick Road might not have been so wonderful. So what’s the difference between calluses, corns, and bunions?  People […]

Don’t Let Dry, Cracking Heels Keep You Off Your Feet!

40+60 Feet, Euw. (Photo credit: bark) Dry, cracking heels are very common, especially in wintertime. Colder temperatures are one of the main reasons for their occurrence, but other factors may contribute to the condition including age, diabetes, excess weight, or vitamin deficiency.  As you get older, your skin loses its ability to stretch.  As a […]