Options for Your Healthcare

More is always better, right?  Well, it depends.  If you’re talking about choosing a product to purchase, having more options may not be in your best interest.  In a 2000 study by Iyengar and Lepper of Columbia and Stanford Universities respectively, they found that consumers were more likely to buy jam when given the option […]

Painful bunions? Surgery isn’t always necessary

Many people are told that to find relief of their bunion pain, they either need to wear bulky cushions over the bumps or find wider or even open shoes.   They may also be told that if the bunion continues to be painful, they would need surgery to correct the deformity.  Unfortunately, a third, often effective […]

Kansas City podiatrist explains how to avoid heel pain flare-ups when wearing summer shoes.

Summer sandals don’t mean so-long orthotics! It’s finally springtime in Overland Park, Kansas.  Everything is blooming and the sun is shining.  It’s time to put those winter clothes away for the season.  You are no longer suffering from heel pain since you have been wearing your Sole Support orthotics all winter.  You pull out your summer […]

Parents out there know that nothing is worse than seeing your child in pain or discomfort. Heel pain is a common complaint for many children between the ages of 8 and 14. A common type of heel pain kids experience is termed Sever’s Disease.  Don’t let the word “disease” frighten you. Sever’s diseaseis not as […]

Do flat feet leave you flat out?

Do flat feet leave you flat out? Do you have flat feet?  And do your flat feet hurt?  Did you know that there are shoes designed specifically for flat feet?  Motion control shoes were developed to stop the foot from pronating. Pronating is basically when the foot falls flat or the arch collapses.  Traditionally, the […]