Cowboy boots and foot health

Cowboy boots

    YEEHAW!!!! Whether you’re suiting up at the break of dawn to go and herd the cattle, going horseback riding, grabbing your partner to do some line dancing, or you simply want something to go with your best pair of jeans, the cowboy boot has survived the test of time and remains a go-to […]

Neuroma – Many Treatment Options for Pain Relief

Why is it that women, in the face of all good sense and reason, insist on jamming their feet into shoes that don’t fit for the sake of fashion? The savage effects of high fashion on women’s feet are endless.   But wait guys, don’t stop reading just yet! Heels are not the only co-founder of […]

Ice Ice Baby

Have you ever thought of ice for INTERNAL pain relief? For every fall, scrape, or accidental run-in with an inanimate object (walls, poles, etc.), there’s a frozen bag of peas for that. It’s the oldest trick in mom’s book.  Using ice to alleviate pain is a method that’s been around for ages. It’s something everyone […]