Do You Have Hammertoes?


Have your toes become crooked, or curled down over the years?  Are you getting pain on the tops of your toes with shoe pressure?  Are you feeling pain at the end of your toes or between them?  Unfortunately, you may be developing hammertoes.  Hammertoes is a common condition where your toes have become curled down, […]

Kansas City Foot and Ankle, established in 1993 is proud to announce, The Heel Pain Center of Kansas City as a new specialized extension of Kansas City Foot and Ankle.

  Kansas City, MO (September 14th 2016) Kansas City Foot and Ankle CEO and Founder Dr. Mark Green, DPM, is proud to announce the formation of The Heel Pain Center of Kansas City as a specialized extension of Kansas City Foot and Ankle. Kansas City Foot and Ankle has been part of the Kansas City medical […]

Kansas City podiatrist has 5 easy tips for tick bite prevention.

Let’s play Tick Tac Toe! Spring has sprung in Kansas City.  That means time tending your garden, kids running barefoot in the backyard and playing with your dogs in the local park.  It also means it is tick season. Ticks aren’t just annoying; they can spread Lyme disease.  According to the CDC, Lyme disease is caused by […]