Summer Feet!

Summer Feet Kansas City Foot and Ankle

Time to get your feet in shape for the upcoming summer! During the winter, one often hides their feet in socks and enclosed shoes, but you can’t let your feet get too cozy!  Often boney areas will slowly cause areas of irritation or calluses, due to constant friction from your shoes and boots.  The warm […]

Winter Foot Health Tips

With winter right around the corner now is the time to start taking inventory of your winter shoe selection as it is starting to get cold in Kansas City! At this time of year, Kansas City Foot and Ankle specialists will typically start seeing an increase in certain types of foot related to pain and […]

Ouch! Ingrown Toenails in Children

Ingrown toenails are a very common condition in both adults and children alike. It is one of the most common conditions treated by the doctors at Kansas City Foot and Ankle. While most people blame improper trimming of the nail as the most common cause of the ingrown, that’s a misconception. Most ingrown nails in […]

Dr. Mark Green relates to things that drive patients nuts

Things you won’t find at Kansas City Foot and Ankle In this video, Dr. Mark Green, a podiatrist in south Kansas City, explains the things that drive him nuts when he’s a patient in other medical practices.  It’s because of these experiences as a patient that he has shaped Kansas City Foot and Ankle to […]