Tarsal Coalitions

One of the less common causes of flatfoot and foot pain we see at Kansas City Foot and Ankle are tarsal coalitions. A tarsal coalition is where there is a failure of the bones of the foot to fully separate during development.  This leads to congenital connections between the bones in the back of the […]

Is Your Child Experiencing Sports-Induced Heel Pain?

If your child is complaining of heel pain, especially after playing sports, it is not something to dismiss or take lightly.  With fall sports in full swing, we see several children daily that are experiencing heel and arch pain. Often, the heel pain starts intermittently but within a few weeks can become more consistent and […]

Do flat feet leave you flat out?

Do flat feet leave you flat out? Do you have flat feet?  And do your flat feet hurt?  Did you know that there are shoes designed specifically for flat feet?  Motion control shoes were developed to stop the foot from pronating. Pronating is basically when the foot falls flat or the arch collapses.  Traditionally, the […]