Heel Pain in Children

With summer coming to a close and fall sports starting up, it’s time to watch for heel and arch pain in your kids. At Kansas City Foot and Ankle, we see several children daily that experience heel and arch pain after sports activities such as practices and games.  Often, the heel pain starts intermittently but […]

April is National Foot Health Awareness Month

Your feet carry you through your life’s journey.  Each day your feet are hard at work as you progress through your busy day.  It’s important to keep your hardworking feet, ankles and lower legs healthy as they have a big job to do. When foot health issues such as painful bunions, heel pain or sports-related […]

Tarsal Coalitions

One of the less common causes of flatfoot and foot pain we see at Kansas City Foot and Ankle are tarsal coalitions. A tarsal coalition is where there is a failure of the bones of the foot to fully separate during development, leading to congenital connections between the bones in the back of the foot, also known […]