Hairline Fractures – In the News!

President-Elect Joe Biden Fractures his Foot We have written about hairline fractures before, but today they are in the news again, courtesy of our president-elect, Joe Biden!  It appears that Mr. Biden suffered a minor fracture to his foot while he was playing with his dog.  The injury was first diagnosed as a twisted ankle, […]

Age and Your Feet

You may have heard the saying “Aging isn’t for the weak”.  Age can bring about wisdom and life experiences and wonderful memories; however, it can also come with all sorts of surprises when it comes to our health.  Some seriously irritating surprises!  But heel pain doesn’t have to be one of them.  As you age, […]

Why do physical therapy and podiatry work so well together?

Podiatry and physical therapy have a long history together.  Podiatrists are experts at diagnosing and treating foot and ankle pain and instability.  Physical therapy is often utilized to reduce inflammation and pain, improve flexibility and joint range of motion, and strengthen muscles.  Physical therapy is also important in improving overall stability in an effort to […]